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Spring Clean! Virgo Full Moon - March 16

Each year as the Sun passes through Pisces, the end of the zodiac, we have a Full Moon in Virgo. Spring Equinox follows soon after. While Spring and the sign of Aries represent renewal and birth, Virgo is the sign associated with identification and separation of wheat from chaff. After Virgo is Libra, the scales, upon which the wheat is weighed. In this way Virgo is said to be a sign of cleanliness, order and the efficient removal of what is no longer needed.

In my own life I am working with the Virgoan current by deleting the spam coming into my blog in the form of "comments" with links to things like "online black magic problem solution" and other crap. I'm also working on writing up some new content and catching up on written reports for my consultations and chipping away at a stack of books, mostly not Astrology related.

I'm also having trouble sleeping, as I often do around the Full Moon and this one in particular is getting me groggy. I have Libra rising so it falls in my 12th house of recuperation and is a time when we need to re-charge our batteries and 'lay low'. and Boy howdy does it seem that way. I'm like a big ole noodle in the mornings and have no interest in leaving the house except to languish in the mineral water hot tub and read. My life is pretty great, despite the grogginess.

So, if I may be excused, here is some content from a Virgo New Moon back in 2012...

While many different Goddess figures correspond to the constellation Virgo, the Greeks saw her as Astraea the "star-maiden". She was the last of the immortal Gods to live with humanity and when the Golden Age declined and entered into the Bronze age she fled into the stars no longer able to put up with humanity's decline into corruption and imbalance. Astraea is also identified or related with Dike, The Goddess of Justice and Nemesis the Goddess of rightful indignation. In this we see her has holding the scales of Justice and balance (Libra) and she who is enemy to those who do wrong and create imbalance.

In the Tarot Astraea is often featured as in the card The Star and is depicted as fulfilling the role of Aquarius the Water Bearer (The star card corresponds to the zodiacal sign of Aquarius).  In this she represents the future race of humankind that seeks to access the star-world of the heavens (which may not happen until we clean up our act and attain a level of purity and perfection). 

Virgo Types
Virgos can be capricious and changeable when things don't meet their scrutiny or expectations and like Astraea, run away to more orderly habitations. Though they aren't known for being indignant   and irritable, when they are they tend to be right about it or justified in some way. There is always a good reason (to them!).  This is because Virgo is the sign of scrutiny and critical evaluation. She holds the scales (Libra) upon which are measured the wheat, recently separated from the chaff.  She hands off the chaff to Scorpio who summarily composts them. So, as a comparison, Virgo is separation, distinction and careful measurement while Scorpio is about elimination of impurities, death and regeneration. 

 This may be where we get the idea of Virgos being 'bossy' control freaks. They aren't. The control freaks are the Fixed signs : Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and (believe it or not) Aquarius. Virgo isn't about being in control of everything, she is about doings something better than before. She is about perfection and the analytical awareness that can improve upon a thing. Sure, she can go too far and get too focused on the minutiae or a thing and that's where she gets the deserved reputation for being nervous, anxious and high-strung.

During this time we get to activate or improve our Virgo natures whether they be front and center areas of our life and personae or on the 'back burner'. It's a time where we might have an opportunity to work on working and to clean up and  ship out to a new life. If something isn't working in our lives we have time to fix it, better it and perhaps even bring it to a new level of perfection. Just remember to relax a bit.

Other areas related to Virgo: Health and diet, hygiene, chores, service to another, servants working in your employ, nursing, clothing and all skills that require repetition to gain mastery and perfection(all skills require this)  plants and pets (particularly small animals and livestock). 

Aaaannnnnnyhew, Enjoy this beautiful moon, the next Full moon will be an Eclipse in Libra, aligned with Uranus and powerful. Spring is on it's way and we live in epochal times! Get your act in order and get ready! 

 How does the Full Moon effect me? 
What areas of life are being illuminated for their virgoan traits? What is working efficiently and what isn't? What needs cleaning and order?
Where this Full Moon occurs in your chart will reveal what area of life will be effected, changed or challenged. For this you will need to look to your RISING sign.  If you don't know your rising sign you can calculate with the free rising sign calculator at Cafe Astrology. : Rising sign calculator.
As always, this is an exceedingly brief look at what is going on for each rising sign and does not take into account a variety of factors that signify other evens in your life that can mitigate, exaggerate and modify these themes. (Email me to set up a consultation to get the real inside scoop on the astrological activity in your life at Ian @

Aries : 6th House: health & illness of physical body, work, service, routines, habits, co-workers, hired workers and staff.

Taurus : 
5th House: Love affairs, dating, games, fun, play fullness, entertainment and entertaining, performance arts, creativity, pregnancy and children.  

Gemini :  4th House : Home & family, houses, real  estate, rentals, renovations and relocating,  roommates and all who live in the home. 

 9th House: Travel, education, philosophy, teachers, foreigners, legal issues, courthouses, broadcasting and publishing. 

Cancer :  3rd house: The Mind, writing and communications, siblings and neighbors, errands and movement within your local area, plans, media.

Leo : 
2nd House: Self worth, money, wealth and finances, personal assets and values.   

Virgo : 
 1st House: Identity, self-assertion, selfishness, personal demands, physical health of the body, the Face and outer appearance. 

Libra : 
12th House: Hidden issues, self-undoing, secret or private issues, retreat, cooperation, hospitalization, retirement, completing old issues, subconscious drives and issues which inhibit free will.

Scorpio : 11th House: gain & increase, money from career, groups, friends and Acquaintances, networks, cliques, Hopes, dreams, gains, personal and shared goals.

Sagittarius : 10th House Career, profession, status & position in society, public standing, reputation, authority figures, bosses, fathers, awards, responsibilities, desire for achievement.

Capricorn :  9th House: Travel, education, philosophy & religion, Ceremony & customs, teachers, teaching & learning, foreigners, legal issues, courthouses, broadcasting and publishing. Aquarius: 8th House: intimacy, sexuality, psychological and occult matters, shared resources, inheritance, credit, loans, personal power of regeneration, crisis and emergency. 

Pisces :  7th House: marriage, partnership, close friends, rivals, open enemies and all important one-on-one interactions. 

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