Friday, April 3, 2015

Libra Full Moon Eclipse


Another spooky beautiful blood Moon eclipse cycle is already looming over us, signifying another major turning point, culmination and release of emotion, efforts, passion, relationships, dreams. As always, Eclipse cycles bring crisis, a critical "decision point" where a fork in the road appears whether we know it or not and whether we like it or not. 

Around this time last year we had the first of this series of "blood moons" and much hoo-haw and hand wringing was had by false-prophets of doom and the undiscerning, cortisol-spiked  new-agers and christian types.  gotta love em! You can read my previous article on 2014 Blood Moon Libra Eclipse here.

This year the hoo-haw has died down quite a bit and the cries of impending eschaton are gone, yet now, as ever, there are finger-tenting, eyebrow-arching declarations of collective birth into the 5th (or  8th?) dimension and similarly galactivated, holotropic-breathless swooning about "karma" and the healing, nibble-kissing, nose-touching dolphin/goddess energies of an Eclipse. phew!

That's cool though, I dig me some nose-touching now again and I love me some dolphin goddesses but the Moon was/is always a fickle mistress and her generative and protective qualities have always been counterposed with something much more primal, violent, dark and mysterious. Both of these counterpoints balanced by a third, sustaining, sustaining principle and virtue.

In short, Eclipses are serious and powerful time periods even when in the usually cool and peaceful sign of Libra, but curb your expectations of sudden collapse and/or rapture. The end of the world comes suddenly on cosmic times scales only. It would seem to me that we are in for bumpy, surprisingly suprising and also fairly long-term ride as far as we are concerned and any major departures into alternate dimensions are almost certainly going to come with a lot or work and serious intention. They still can't even get CERN going, so holding hands at an EDM festival isn't going to cut it.

Apocalypse Now (and again)


And yet, we DO live in apocalyptic times. This Eclipse is significant in that it is an active part of the ongoing Uranus-Pluto cycle which is perhaps THEE major defining cycle of this generation and "Apocalyptic" is a perfect term for this period we are living through. Not exclusively in the common misinterpretation of the term: "doomsday" but the actual, literal definition: Revelation. Who could deny that this era is defined by that singular spirit or unveiling? A time of  political, technological and spiritual revelation. In the recent past, these revelations would come a few times a decade with wonderment, shock and disbelief capturing the attention of the world. Now they come several times a week, Literally. Isis unveils.

The pluto-uranus cycle is active during major revolutionary and catastrophic times: the great depression and rise of fascism in Europe (1932-34) as well as the social/political/sexual/technological apocalypse of the 1960s (65-66), two of the more recent examples. But also was active in 1850/51,  1876/78,  1901/02, dates significant in their own right but not as immediately recognizable to most of us for their relatively remote antiquity.

Power and Liberty
This Eclipse is powerful with the inclusion of both Uranus and Pluto, both are volatile heavy-hitters and generation defining planets both collectively and personally.

Pluto, which will be in a tense "Square" alignment during the Eclipse,  brings issues with holding on vs letting go, power vs powerlessness, revelation of unvarnished, sometimes ugly, truth vs secrecy and invisibility. At worst, Pluto symbolizes loss, grief, manipulation, obsession/compulsion, paranoia and violence. At best, the Lord of the underworld and his bride Persephone bring the treasures of the earth,  Resurrection, charisma, power and strength. Often it brings both, the worst evolving into the best. Consider the case of someone getting in an abusive relationship and, after finally cutting the cord and escaping,  becoming  much healthier, stronger and more present, totally invincible to the future attempts of manipulation from others. 

Uranus, is like lightning where Pluto is like a volcano. It appears and disrupts quickly and erratically. at worst it pulls the rug out from under your feet, rebels against your best laid plans and tears away foundations, relationships and lifestyles with passionately-careless abandon. At best it liberates us from our cages (like it or not), stimulates our genius and sense of wonder and gives us a new life/relationship/job that comes with a sense of novelty, excitement and fun.

Neither Pluto or Uranus are good or bad. They are both and neither.

Often there is a lot of lip service regarding this cycle with Pluto = evil power mongers and Uranus = liberating freedom fighters. Not true at all. Hitler had a prominent Uranus, as do many other dictators and power-mongers. Martin Luther King  and John Lennon both had  Moon in close aspect to Pluto.

Uranus is as much about breaking away from the common good as Pluto is about revealing and fighting against corruption. In Greek mythology Uranus was an oppressive God who ate his children, keeping himself from being usurped by the next generation. Pluto was never a figure who tormented souls but ruled over the afterlife, judging "those deeds done obscure and conspicuous" to quote Orpheus.

How does the Eclipse effect me? 

Where this Lunation occurs in your chart will reveal what area of life will be effected, changed or challenged. For this you will need to look to your RISING sign.  

If you don't know your rising sign you can calculate with the free rising sign calculator at Cafe Astrology. : Rising sign calculator. Or for a full natal chart, go to and create and account. It's free! Feel free to leave questions in the comments about this and I will try and answer then I have a moment.


All this Uranus-Pluto business may be effecting you directly or indirectly, depending on your natal chart. You  will  be subject to the dramatic wave of this Eclipse if you have Natal or progressed Planets & points near 14 degrees of the Cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn. Also, Natal or progressed Planets & points near 14 degrees of the Air signs (other than Libra) Gemini, Aquarius will receive the power of this period as wind in the sails and may find this to be a rather positive time of acceleration and empowerment.

Eclipses take time, you likely have already experienced the fullness of this Eclipse and know or feel it's 'influence'. However this trend may well continue in your life in the coming weeks and months, all depending on various factors of your nativity. Those who have planets a few degrees ahead of the Eclipse may experience the drama and excitement of it in the coming months.

Planets or points near 14-15° Cardinal (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) will be effected by Pluto through the following year. Profound transformations are possible now but the need to either "hold on" or "let go" will be triggered in unmistakeable profundity. Meditation, excercise and time alone is going to be neccissary  though for some it will be hard to find the time or peace of mind.

Uranus will be in 16-17° Aries for the year. Those with  Cardinal planets will be rocked and shocked but those with Fire sign planets around these degrees will enjoy it quite a lot, Especially personal planets (Sun, Moon,  Mercury, Venus, Mars, Ascendant). Those of you with Fire planets near those degrees will enjoy stimulating newness in your life, lucky breaks and weirdness that has a silver lining in some way. Those with Aries planets in this degree will be strongly effected and personal planets here may go overboard, with Mercury being most fit to deal with the weirdness. Moon especially will be feeling bonkers with sudden moves and weirdness in the home.

As always, this is an exceedingly brief look at what is going on for each rising sign and does not take into account a variety of factors that signify other evens in your life that can mitigate, exaggerate and modify these themes. (Email me to set up a consultation to get the real inside scoop on the astrological activity in your life at Ian @

Aries :  7th House: marriage, partnership, close friends, rivals, open enemies and all important one-on-one interactions. 
Taurus :
6th House: health & illness of physical body, work, service, routines, habits, co-workers, hired workers and staff.

Gemini : 5th House: Love affairs, dating, sexual love, games, fun, play, entertainment and entertaining, performance arts, creativity, pregnancy and children. 

Cancer : 4th House : Home & family, houses, real  estate, rentals, renovations and relocating,  roommates and all who live in the home.
Leo : 
3rd house: The Mind, writing and communications, siblings and neighbors, errands and movement within your local area, plans, media.

Virgo : 
2nd House: Self worth, money, wealth and finances, personal assets and values.  

Libra :
1st House: Identity, self-assertion, selfishness, personal demands, physical health of the body, the Face and outer appearance.

 Scorpio : 12th House: Hidden issues, secret affairs, retreat, cooperation, hospitalization, retirement, completing old stories, self-undoing, reflection, subconscious drives and issues which inhibit free will.

Sagittarius : 11th House: gain & increase, money from career, groups, friends and Acquaintances, networks, cliques, Hopes, dreams, gains, personal and shared goals.

Capricorn : 10th House Career, profession, status & position in society, public standing, reputation, authority figures, bosses, fathers, awards, responsibilities, desire for achievement.

Aquarius : 9th House: Travel, education, philosophy & religion, Ceremony & customs, teachers, teaching & learning, foreigners, legal issues, courthouses, broadcasting and publishing. 

Pisces : 8th House: intimacy, sexuality, psychological and occult matters, shared resources, inheritance, credit, loans, personal power of regeneration, crisis and emergency.